Saturday, 29 September 2012

Baby Carrier Project Week

Assalamualaikum readers!

Kenapa post pasal Baby Carrier Project week? Sebab last week dapat tempahan buat n mending baby carrier...ok buat 2 story ek?

Story 1

Kawan ofis lama call, nak buat baby carrier sebab dia ada trip jalan-jalan. So baby carrier is the best when u have to be on and off flight or other public transportation. Ada discuss sikit-sikit dengan dia and she wants to try out my SSC. ~ FYI, i have a store bought ring sling and my own handmade Meitai, SSC and X-sling carrier. Since baby, my boy loves to be carry around in baby carrier. Cuma tak larat lama-lama la sekarang because he's already to heavy for me

My friend ni bukan baby wearer so anak dia tak familiar dengan carrier ni. It takes some time to try to carry her in my SSC and obviously she is not comfortable being hug closely by her dad. Hampir berputus asa, i showed her the X-sling carrier. Its simple, easy to wear but not so comfy. I use the X-sling only on a short trip to the market. She tried it on and in came her daughter. Suprisingly, her daughter loves it too. So that's it, i'm making X-sling for her! .. and she asked another piece for her sister, how sweet!

sewing in progress

the 2 piece i just finished

I added buckle for strap adjustment to cater for both mama n papa

all packed for pick-up, enjoy!

Story 2

A few years ago, i did sew some Meitai and sell them. But then i found out that my current portable sewing machine cant really handle thick material well. Its really difficult sewing them on a portable machine, the fabric keep moving and i cant sew a straight line!(~ yeah,blame it on the machine, hehe).. and after a few machine repair that cost $$$, i decide to stop making them

Picture's below is the first Meitai i made and sold on 2010.

the original Meitai

Suprisingly, a month ago, a friend send it back to me to convert them into SSC. Even though it has change owner,but i feel good that someone still using it... it's like "bagai sireh pulang ke gagang", i felt emotional, ceehhhh.... until last week, I finally have time to mend it. Oh yeah, FYI, i'm sewing on an Industrial machine now,so this project is a breeze!

Mula-mula nak buat minor changes je,but i am not doing it halfway, so i take some time to 'tetas' all the body panel and strap. Its still in a good condition so i recycled all the fabric, padding and strap, adding black canvas fabric where needed.

The transforming job include:
- both piece for body panel is sewn together to make n new front panel
- body panel padding is sewn to a new black body panel.
- i sew a new casing for straps. Old padded belt and shoulder strap is recycle to be new filling for the new strap.
- adding nylon webbing and buckles

Half way done.  Tak ingat nak snap pic of the pieces.
See how i recycled the old padded belt.

New, quilted padded back panel. First time buat ni!
~ k Kamila must be proud of me..hehe

The transformed SSC! looking good bebeh!

It took me 3 days to finished this carrier from ripping, putting things together to sewing process, which the ripping part tu yang leceh sket but it pays off... patient,patient..


  1. Hai sis..saya minat sgt dgn meitai..nak tempah..beraoa hrge ye..
    wassup sy kalau boleh..0173985382.
    berbesar hati..tq

  2. Brape ye kalau sy nk tempah ssc kain sendiri

  3. Nak order x sling ring tu berapa RM ye.boleh wasap says x 0197047196



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