Wednesday, 30 May 2012

DIY Cloth Pantiliner


Would like to make this entry short n informatif on how to sew your own cloth pantiliner.

Draft and cut out pattern on paper 20cm x 6cm.( used paper. DO NOT cut with your FABRIC Scissor! big no-no)
Trace and cut 2 pc flannel fabric for outer layer. You can see that i cut pre-hole seam, for the later step.
Cut 2 pc (or more) rectangle fabby 20cm x 6cm for the absorbent material/ inside soaker.
from left- paper pattern, 2 pc flanel fabby for outer layer, 2 pc white flannel for inside soaker 

Place the cut fabby on top of each other in this arrangement

Pin them up together..dont move!

Sew along your tracing line,or if you prefer, follow your seam allowance. Start from the pre-hole line.
Start from the pre-hole abd stich all the way... leave the pre-hole open

Trim excess fabby.

Behold, the pre-hole! Turn inside out.

Topstich perimeter

Add another stitches in the center to give finishing effect and hold all fabby securely.

Punch holes on both wings 

Snap on button on both side.

Walla!!!!.. done.
OK, Happy sewing !


  1. rajin yuzlin buat tutorial... nnt kalau ada yg tanya pasal tute CP akak link kesini, selalunya kalau ada org minta akak buat tute, akak suruh google jer hehehe

  2. aci je k mila... org x busy boleh le buat tute..ala2 simple gini boleh la.. share je.. xde hal... hehehe..tq yeak... nk trytut beg akak tusampai sudahxbuat lagik...huhu



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