Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DIY - Sofa Slip Cover


I have a Karlanda sofa which my husband bought  years ago. Its still in a good condition but the slip cover has torn out after multiple abuse of sleeping,jumping and washing. We couldn't find new slipcover because IKEA has stopped producing the sofa.There is some overseas' online shop which sell a custom made slip cover for all discontinued sofas from IKEA. At, they have selections of fabric to choose from and for my sofa, it will cost about AU$277.00 (exclude shipping)- that's about RM880 wooooo!!!! With that price, i might as well wait another year and buy a new sofa! so, with a little budget and determination, i am sewing a new slipcover!

This is the old sofa- dont freak out about the mattress underneath the sofa,
its kind of 'sofa-bed' for us,  just  'tarik' the mattress,
can lepak2 while watching movie.

From left
- my son artwork was all over the fabric
 - frayed fabrics, cannot be save
 - evidence of cat scratches, from my neighbor's cat

So, i manage to finish the project, even the workmanship is far from satisfaction,but yeah,the sofa looks like new! Notice that i lengthened the 'skirt' to reach the floor,that pretty much cover the mattress underneath. clever kan? :D .. cuma i t doesnt fit as i imagine it would be.. but ok la..

Total cost :
Fabric 9m RM60 on sale at KAMDAR
Zipper, Thread - RM48

new look!


  1. 2 thumbs up to you yuzlin... nice an cozy. Lepas ni boleh buka kedai baiki sofa plak dah hihi

  2. amboila k mila.... kedai baiki sofa ek?hahahaha.... ni pun buat terkial2..nway,klu ade pon ape salahnyakan,tp cr orglainla jahit.. hehe

  3. The sofa slip cover diy is shared in the post here. Good post



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