Thursday, 15 November 2012

Update blog


Its been a few weeks since i last update this blog, huhuhu.. berabuk la jugak.i have a few tutorial to be publish but pending due tu my super busy of never ending sewing orders, alhamdulillah, rezeki yg tidak tersangka ;)

And i'm now online on my own tablet, and still getting use to it, a little bit adjusting because i'm used to laptop, but its a good change and enjoying all the luxurious free apps, yuhuuu!
(ok, i know u guys must be like '..dah berzaman pki tab'... hahaha, ketinggalan zaman k)

ok... since i first started sewing and selling online 2 years ago, i must admit that i have come a long way since then. starting with a handown machine, i now sewing on an industrial machine, which i bought from the sewing income i made.  i see my sewing project n income grow and felt humble from the experience and of the rezeki which Allah bless upon me.

Last week, i'm cutting a lot of fabrics it make my knucles hurts n left blisters on my thumb. I'm thinking of buying an electric cutter to help optimize my cutting time, and also looking for a new serger.. hopefully by the end of this year, insya allah... anyone knows a good deal, please let me know.

I'm really grateful for all the inspiring people around me n hope to inspire others ...oh and congrates to my SB friend, for inspiring work and dedication.. u go girl!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Yummy by Yuhmico

Yup!!!  i'm sewing a bunch of Cloth Pad for the past weeks, and my hands are sore.. there is a bunch more to be sew and keeping them for next week la.. i'm taking a break to make time for new project.

And yes, i do sell my cloth, please visit my FB page... heeee...


Monday, 1 October 2012

DIY Cloth Pad Pattern


I am a cloth pad fan-fanatic ~ yes,i love recycling and being green and i have quite a large collection of cloth pad, either bought or sewn by myself. I tried a few local brand, some works great but some are not. I found out that Kiki Pad sewn by a friend Puan Lynn fits me the best. Well, women's anatomy are not the same.What works for me may not works for you. So you might want to try a few a decide which suits you the best. So,after a while, i've been trying to make some pattern and sew my own pad,which i imagine will have the perfect fit for me

Minggu ni entry on how to make your own Cloth Pad Pattern. You dont need to posses drawing skill to try this and it really easy.This is how i made it.

pensil,pemada,pembaris dan kertas A4 recycle

Lipat kertasA4 kepada 2 bahagian memanjang

tandakan ukuran yg dikehendaki,boleh ikut contoh ni
H1- lebar pad
H2- tinggi wing
P1- jarak antara depan ke tengah wing
P2- jarak tengah wing ke bhgn belakang

sambungkan titik darti P1-H1-P2
buat curve atau ikut la macam mana pon

buat curve untuk wing melalu titik H2

contoh lakaran freehand untuk pattern pad

Gunting ikut garisan yg dilukis tadi

Buka lipatan kertas tadi untuk lihat bentuk pad yg dibuat.

Saiz dan bentuk lakaran akan determine on how your pad will be. Sedikit adjustment pon akan membuatkan setiap pattern nampak lain. See below pictures

Antara pattern yg saya buat dan jahit jadi pad.
Lain curve akan dpt result yg berbeza.

I am not kidding!!! these are some of  cloth pad pattern i draft.

I spend some time drafting and sewing the perfect fit pad for myself. Do i finally find "it"? Almost..hehehe...

Or you could always google Free Cloth Pad Pattern and download. Some blogger even allow you to use their pattern for personal or commercial.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Baby Carrier Project Week

Assalamualaikum readers!

Kenapa post pasal Baby Carrier Project week? Sebab last week dapat tempahan buat n mending baby carrier...ok buat 2 story ek?

Story 1

Kawan ofis lama call, nak buat baby carrier sebab dia ada trip jalan-jalan. So baby carrier is the best when u have to be on and off flight or other public transportation. Ada discuss sikit-sikit dengan dia and she wants to try out my SSC. ~ FYI, i have a store bought ring sling and my own handmade Meitai, SSC and X-sling carrier. Since baby, my boy loves to be carry around in baby carrier. Cuma tak larat lama-lama la sekarang because he's already to heavy for me

My friend ni bukan baby wearer so anak dia tak familiar dengan carrier ni. It takes some time to try to carry her in my SSC and obviously she is not comfortable being hug closely by her dad. Hampir berputus asa, i showed her the X-sling carrier. Its simple, easy to wear but not so comfy. I use the X-sling only on a short trip to the market. She tried it on and in came her daughter. Suprisingly, her daughter loves it too. So that's it, i'm making X-sling for her! .. and she asked another piece for her sister, how sweet!

sewing in progress

the 2 piece i just finished

I added buckle for strap adjustment to cater for both mama n papa

all packed for pick-up, enjoy!

Story 2

A few years ago, i did sew some Meitai and sell them. But then i found out that my current portable sewing machine cant really handle thick material well. Its really difficult sewing them on a portable machine, the fabric keep moving and i cant sew a straight line!(~ yeah,blame it on the machine, hehe).. and after a few machine repair that cost $$$, i decide to stop making them

Picture's below is the first Meitai i made and sold on 2010.

the original Meitai

Suprisingly, a month ago, a friend send it back to me to convert them into SSC. Even though it has change owner,but i feel good that someone still using it... it's like "bagai sireh pulang ke gagang", i felt emotional, ceehhhh.... until last week, I finally have time to mend it. Oh yeah, FYI, i'm sewing on an Industrial machine now,so this project is a breeze!

Mula-mula nak buat minor changes je,but i am not doing it halfway, so i take some time to 'tetas' all the body panel and strap. Its still in a good condition so i recycled all the fabric, padding and strap, adding black canvas fabric where needed.

The transforming job include:
- both piece for body panel is sewn together to make n new front panel
- body panel padding is sewn to a new black body panel.
- i sew a new casing for straps. Old padded belt and shoulder strap is recycle to be new filling for the new strap.
- adding nylon webbing and buckles

Half way done.  Tak ingat nak snap pic of the pieces.
See how i recycled the old padded belt.

New, quilted padded back panel. First time buat ni!
~ k Kamila must be proud of me..hehe

The transformed SSC! looking good bebeh!

It took me 3 days to finished this carrier from ripping, putting things together to sewing process, which the ripping part tu yang leceh sket but it pays off... patient,patient..

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DIY - Sofa Slip Cover


I have a Karlanda sofa which my husband bought  years ago. Its still in a good condition but the slip cover has torn out after multiple abuse of sleeping,jumping and washing. We couldn't find new slipcover because IKEA has stopped producing the sofa.There is some overseas' online shop which sell a custom made slip cover for all discontinued sofas from IKEA. At, they have selections of fabric to choose from and for my sofa, it will cost about AU$277.00 (exclude shipping)- that's about RM880 wooooo!!!! With that price, i might as well wait another year and buy a new sofa! so, with a little budget and determination, i am sewing a new slipcover!

This is the old sofa- dont freak out about the mattress underneath the sofa,
its kind of 'sofa-bed' for us,  just  'tarik' the mattress,
can lepak2 while watching movie.

From left
- my son artwork was all over the fabric
 - frayed fabrics, cannot be save
 - evidence of cat scratches, from my neighbor's cat

So, i manage to finish the project, even the workmanship is far from satisfaction,but yeah,the sofa looks like new! Notice that i lengthened the 'skirt' to reach the floor,that pretty much cover the mattress underneath. clever kan? :D .. cuma i t doesnt fit as i imagine it would be.. but ok la..

Total cost :
Fabric 9m RM60 on sale at KAMDAR
Zipper, Thread - RM48

new look!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another batch of order for an Expecting mom

Here is batch of diaper, pads and baby binder for a friend- Thank you Kak Tie!

made with love!

Baju Raya sedondon 2012 -again?

Hahaha, so cliche, bila raye je mestilah sedondon ok!- and we're not alone.. huuuuu
This is the family picture we manage to snap, considering my son would rather be running with his cousin than standing still for 5 minutes. This year, i am sewing with ease,so all the 'combos' turnout quite neat compared to last year.

finally, all together!!
ohh..and my mom sew the tudung for me.
terima kasih mak.

and, this is the jubah i made :D - no pattern, just something i work from my wardrobe.

bust detail
cuffs and pockets - i actually studied
my husband shirt to figure how to make cuffs
 - first timer luck

the actual garment

overal cost

Black Suiting Fabric for pants 3m + Grey Cotton Fabric 8m = RM60 (on sale at Kamdar)
Tailor cost - with love..hehe

I must say that i am a Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners and Visual Spatial Learner ..i never had formal sewing courses before, and i sew out of passion for sewing. But ,a formal class would be great and i want to attend some soon.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

DIY Cloth Pantiliner


Would like to make this entry short n informatif on how to sew your own cloth pantiliner.

Draft and cut out pattern on paper 20cm x 6cm.( used paper. DO NOT cut with your FABRIC Scissor! big no-no)
Trace and cut 2 pc flannel fabric for outer layer. You can see that i cut pre-hole seam, for the later step.
Cut 2 pc (or more) rectangle fabby 20cm x 6cm for the absorbent material/ inside soaker.
from left- paper pattern, 2 pc flanel fabby for outer layer, 2 pc white flannel for inside soaker 

Place the cut fabby on top of each other in this arrangement

Pin them up together..dont move!

Sew along your tracing line,or if you prefer, follow your seam allowance. Start from the pre-hole line.
Start from the pre-hole abd stich all the way... leave the pre-hole open

Trim excess fabby.

Behold, the pre-hole! Turn inside out.

Topstich perimeter

Add another stitches in the center to give finishing effect and hold all fabby securely.

Punch holes on both wings 

Snap on button on both side.

Walla!!!!.. done.
OK, Happy sewing !

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tip - Seam Guide


It's been a while since last i update this blog. A few weeks ago,i was asking around about the perfect seam on a group in FB and a friend said that they found about this method,cheap n it works. Ok,simple tips n trick to have an adjustable seam guide.

Get yourself a strip magnet used on white board or fridge. Just place the strip magnet on the bed of your machine, according to the size you desire. If you are using a portable,  usually the whole body is made out of plastic,so there is a small piece of steel area where you can place it. You can put it on left or right side, whichever suits your sewing style. Happy Sewing!

The green thingy is a strip magnet-use as seam guide

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tip - Mesin Jahit Industri laju sangat?


Ok, Entri kali ni saya nak bincang pasal Tip n Trick menggunakan mesin jahit Industri motor clutch. Kenapa? Sebab saya baru je guna mesin ni, Masya Allah laju benor! Saya tahu, ramai yang ada mesin industri ni, berkobar memilikinya tapi pakai sekejap aje lepas tu tersadai sebab frust tak dapat fully utilize keupayaan mesin ni. Sayangnya!  Saya banyak buat perbincangan dengan kawan saya Hartini Baharudin yang sudi berkongsi tips dan izinkan saya guna photo miliknya.

Ada beberapa Tips yang boleh dipraktikkan  :

1. Untuk motor clutch. ada beberapa tempat yang boleh di adjust

  • lihat bulatan a - Pully - roda besi tu ada pelbagai saiz dari  50 - 60 - 80 - 85 - 90 - 100 - 110 . Semakin kecil roda, semakin perlahan pusingan mesin dan semakin besar roda semakin laju pusingan mesin. Cuba call kedai mesin jahit berdekatan untuk tukar pully ni, cost dalam RM50 untuk tukar roda pully, belt dan upah.
  • lihat bulatan b -  Spring digunakan untuk control ketat atau longgar pemijak/pedal. Semakin ketat, semakin keras dan kurang sensitif pedal, so kita boleh control pressure kaki kita. Bila spring tu dilonggarkan, pedal akan jadi lebih sensitif, tekan sikit je menonong peginya. Yang ini anda boleh cuba sendiri kat rumah, try adjust ketat atau longgar lepas tu test drive tekan pedal. Boleh adjust ikut kesukaan.

Ini contoh motor clutch - from Hartini

2. Kalau kedua-dua cara tadi x berkesan untuk dapatkan speed yang anda mahu, ada cara lagi iaitu tukar motor. Setakat ni, ada 3 jenis motor yang boleh adjust speed dipasaran (setakat didalam pengetahuan saya, kalau anda tahu, sila komen) iaitu motor electron, motor servo dan direct drive. Motor electron dan motor servo boleh dipasangkan pada mana2 mesin industri.
  • Motor electron - berharga sekitar RM200. Senyap, xde bunyi humming (macam bunyi kipas meja) dan speed boleh adjust. Menurut Hartini, hanya boleh dengar bunyi jarum sahaja dan speednya boleh adjust sama seperti mesin brother NV50 tu dan x kira berapa kuat atau perlahan pon kita tekan speednya akan kekal sama.. wah! anda berminat? Macam ni la rupanya motor electron tu.

Rupa bahagian hadapan motor electron

Rupa bahagian belakang - skru untuk adjust speed. 

  • Untuk motor servo, sistem adjustnya ada butang yang kita boleh pilih speed dari 1-8. Harga sekitar RM500-600 sebiji. Maaf saya xde gambar untuk motor ni. sesapa yang ada boleh email untuk saya masukkan dalam entri ni.

Untuk mesin industri, tidak kira apa jenis atau jenama, sistem, body , motor, jarum dan tapak(presser feet) pada asanya adalah sama kerana ianya digunakan secara meluas untuk industri di seluruh dunia. Jadi, apepon nama mesin anda, motornya boleh convert pada motor electron ataupun servo berdasarkan pada bajet anda. Selamat menggunakan mesin jahit industri!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY - Skirt

PUL + very strechy COTTON KNIT = Nightmare!

Last few nights, i've been slaving myself to sew a few pads, tried a few method but none i satisfy with.. oh, feel like stangling myself.. feeling tired, mentally abused .. i just left them a sew a skirt for my sister in law.. she wants it before friday, might as well sew them to get my mind of the disastrous project, sigh!!!

ok these are the final look, the black shirt are not part of it. Look and embellishment are my sister's

i'm all forgot to take pictures in the making, again... sigh.. but below are the sketch i did for it.. for newbie, can use this as guidline ye..  ikut suke nk macam mana.. sky is the limit..

Monday, 2 April 2012

Where got time?


Everybody has 24h a day, same amount of days and weeks .. and i got no time to sew! (aik ada masa plak nk update blog?, well i try to)

I know, its all about time management and i failed to manage my time. Adam's been on 'rombakan jadual waktu'.. he refused to nap and doze off by Maghrib and fully re-charge by 12am or so and up until 2-3am and wanted me to play with him like its daylight.. i'm beat and tired and of my sewing schedule. i get frustrated easily, Ya Allah, give me strength to get me on the right track.

I want to share this to you, Masya Allah, help comes in many's an article that i find very helpful and hope to be useful to you  :)

12 Tips: How to Work from Home and Run a Family Productively 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Presser Feet - mesin Industri


Saya baru je gunakan mesin jahit industri.. hui, memang laju sangat dan sedang dlm proses belajar dan praktis lagi. Beberapa hari lepas Zura Busana Jalinan Kasih ada war-warkan jualan presser feet, saya pon rembat ajelah walaupun x tau mcm mana lagi nak guna feet tu. Zura kata sesuai untuk jahit tudung sebab ada guide... saya x jahit tudung tapi memang banyak boleh guna, so saya oder je tapak tu sekali dengan tapak teflon.. 

ni la rupa tapak mesin jahit industri tu.. nampak guide yg paling kanan tu...?

Dapat je tapak tu saya terus test drive... hasilnya, sgt mudah untuk guide kain especially masa jahit curve. Kira saya boleh merempit la dengan mesin industri saya ni, hehehe... smooth je.. walaupun laju, tapi masih boleh guide kain tu ikut curve yang saya nak.. :) saya sangat puas hati, x nyesal la beli tapak ni.. TQ Zura. Nanti kalau ada tapak best sila roger!

Sila abaikan herot jahitan tu, saya perlu masa untuk sesi ramah mesra dengan mesin  industri ni

tgk die guide tu, pejam mata pon jadi.. waaaaa


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