Thursday, 15 November 2012

Update blog


Its been a few weeks since i last update this blog, huhuhu.. berabuk la jugak.i have a few tutorial to be publish but pending due tu my super busy of never ending sewing orders, alhamdulillah, rezeki yg tidak tersangka ;)

And i'm now online on my own tablet, and still getting use to it, a little bit adjusting because i'm used to laptop, but its a good change and enjoying all the luxurious free apps, yuhuuu!
(ok, i know u guys must be like '..dah berzaman pki tab'... hahaha, ketinggalan zaman k)

ok... since i first started sewing and selling online 2 years ago, i must admit that i have come a long way since then. starting with a handown machine, i now sewing on an industrial machine, which i bought from the sewing income i made.  i see my sewing project n income grow and felt humble from the experience and of the rezeki which Allah bless upon me.

Last week, i'm cutting a lot of fabrics it make my knucles hurts n left blisters on my thumb. I'm thinking of buying an electric cutter to help optimize my cutting time, and also looking for a new serger.. hopefully by the end of this year, insya allah... anyone knows a good deal, please let me know.

I'm really grateful for all the inspiring people around me n hope to inspire others ...oh and congrates to my SB friend, for inspiring work and dedication.. u go girl!

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