Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Assalam guys,
It's been 2 months since my last post here. I skip december n january.. and this is my first post for 2013. I can honestly write 'i've been busy' or some sort.. well, yeah.. I am.. ish ish ish

ok, last year, my re'sew'lution is to make a quilt. A year has passed and of course i KIV them.. funny, ive been dreading to make one and can simply KIV them again.. some resewlution, pffft..

Well, a few weeks ago, a freind ask me to sew baby bedding set for her. I take the oppurtuniy to actually try to quilt. All the fabric was provided by the owner. She gave me a list of item to sew with a combination of baby blue, navy blue, red and printed cotton.

We'll to make the whole story short, I did manage to somehow sew a baby quilt cover which is I'm so proud of and it gives me a lot of respect to hardcore quilters out there.. compare to your complicated pattern of triangles and hexagones, my 4" boxes are  so 'cikai' .. I am so humble by quilters who actually posses patient of a saint whick I'm sorely lack of... urghhhh.

Ok, to appease everybody quriosity, here is the put together pic.. tq for reading.. heeeeeeee


  1. Congratulation....
    I dont see any trace of a beginner work in your quilt hihi... kiranya pasni boleh jahit quilt lagi kut hihi...
    Beautiful n love the well blend colour...

  2. Thanks K, from the master quilters all right!
    no way,they are so beginners okey!sob..sob
    anyways, as much i love doing it,no i wont be quilting soon,thats for much squares for me .. hahaha
    but i'll always love your work... anyway,appreciateall the support,muahsss



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