Monday, 1 October 2012

DIY Cloth Pad Pattern


I am a cloth pad fan-fanatic ~ yes,i love recycling and being green and i have quite a large collection of cloth pad, either bought or sewn by myself. I tried a few local brand, some works great but some are not. I found out that Kiki Pad sewn by a friend Puan Lynn fits me the best. Well, women's anatomy are not the same.What works for me may not works for you. So you might want to try a few a decide which suits you the best. So,after a while, i've been trying to make some pattern and sew my own pad,which i imagine will have the perfect fit for me

Minggu ni entry on how to make your own Cloth Pad Pattern. You dont need to posses drawing skill to try this and it really easy.This is how i made it.

pensil,pemada,pembaris dan kertas A4 recycle

Lipat kertasA4 kepada 2 bahagian memanjang

tandakan ukuran yg dikehendaki,boleh ikut contoh ni
H1- lebar pad
H2- tinggi wing
P1- jarak antara depan ke tengah wing
P2- jarak tengah wing ke bhgn belakang

sambungkan titik darti P1-H1-P2
buat curve atau ikut la macam mana pon

buat curve untuk wing melalu titik H2

contoh lakaran freehand untuk pattern pad

Gunting ikut garisan yg dilukis tadi

Buka lipatan kertas tadi untuk lihat bentuk pad yg dibuat.

Saiz dan bentuk lakaran akan determine on how your pad will be. Sedikit adjustment pon akan membuatkan setiap pattern nampak lain. See below pictures

Antara pattern yg saya buat dan jahit jadi pad.
Lain curve akan dpt result yg berbeza.

I am not kidding!!! these are some of  cloth pad pattern i draft.

I spend some time drafting and sewing the perfect fit pad for myself. Do i finally find "it"? Almost..hehehe...

Or you could always google Free Cloth Pad Pattern and download. Some blogger even allow you to use their pattern for personal or commercial.

Happy Sewing!


  1. wowiiii banyaknyer pattern.
    Akak pernah draw own pattern, tpkan dok waswas, besar sgt ka.. kecik sgt ka.. last2 ada yg terbesar n ada yg terkecik... now pakai pattern std jer.. download from internet. but mmg setiap org berbeza, those works for you might not work for others

    1. ya la kak mila.. hahaha,that's why i keep drafting n sewing.. its actually fun tosew them and see the final result.. pastu try pastu rasa x best, buat lagik.. huhuhu!!!! anyway, its my achiles heels.. i just enjoy them, and the more reason to add myown pad..hehe...

  2. i use the pattern given by luna wolf. loved it.



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