Monday, 15 April 2013

Back to sewing baby carrier?

Assalam guys,
To sew or not to sew, THAT is my question.
One of my earliest personal project was sewing my own baby carrier ( a meitai) and cloth diaper.
I do sew a few and sold a few.. then I received a few order from friends.. I never thought that I want to sew n sell them for real.
But after the last order I kind of fell in love with them and it reminds me how much I love to carry my son.
Adam is already 3 years and 3 months now but we still wear him when we go for a short trip to pasar malam. I really dont like the idea of holding my sons hand in a sea of people..swimming tru crowds and bumping to strangers. Call it a moms instinct, I rather hip carry 14 kg boy than worrying all the trip. Well, adam is so used to me wearing him, he seems fine to be in ssc for the half hour walk, in the heat of grilled satay or jagung bakar... actually he likes to cuddle since baby and won't object if we carry him everywhere.
I really loves sewing baby carrier again. Should I or shouldn't I ?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Cloth pad again

Assalam guys,

I've just uploaded some new design for Yuhmico - yummy cloth.
Do check them out at my FB fanpage

There are yummilicious aren't they?
hahahaha..masuk bakul... :p
Do pm me for inquiries or order on FB. Thanks ladies!

these bundle of 50 pcs yuhmico cloth are out at booth sale.   

Latest print - very limited pieces for each design

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Assalam guys,
It's been 2 months since my last post here. I skip december n january.. and this is my first post for 2013. I can honestly write 'i've been busy' or some sort.. well, yeah.. I am.. ish ish ish

ok, last year, my re'sew'lution is to make a quilt. A year has passed and of course i KIV them.. funny, ive been dreading to make one and can simply KIV them again.. some resewlution, pffft..

Well, a few weeks ago, a freind ask me to sew baby bedding set for her. I take the oppurtuniy to actually try to quilt. All the fabric was provided by the owner. She gave me a list of item to sew with a combination of baby blue, navy blue, red and printed cotton.

We'll to make the whole story short, I did manage to somehow sew a baby quilt cover which is I'm so proud of and it gives me a lot of respect to hardcore quilters out there.. compare to your complicated pattern of triangles and hexagones, my 4" boxes are  so 'cikai' .. I am so humble by quilters who actually posses patient of a saint whick I'm sorely lack of... urghhhh.

Ok, to appease everybody quriosity, here is the put together pic.. tq for reading.. heeeeeeee


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