Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tip - Seam Guide


It's been a while since last i update this blog. A few weeks ago,i was asking around about the perfect seam on a group in FB and a friend said that they found about this method,cheap n it works. Ok,simple tips n trick to have an adjustable seam guide.

Get yourself a strip magnet used on white board or fridge. Just place the strip magnet on the bed of your machine, according to the size you desire. If you are using a portable,  usually the whole body is made out of plastic,so there is a small piece of steel area where you can place it. You can put it on left or right side, whichever suits your sewing style. Happy Sewing!

The green thingy is a strip magnet-use as seam guide


  1. This idea is so clever. I remembered seeing it in FB and when I saw these strip magnets at Mr DIY yesterday, a pack of 2 at RM3.50... I bought them.. :)

    1. Yes,second U..i glad we shared these..RM3.50 is a very2 good deal to have the perfect seam :)



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