Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Baju Raya sedondon 2012 -again?

Hahaha, so cliche, bila raye je mestilah sedondon ok!- and we're not alone.. huuuuu
This is the family picture we manage to snap, considering my son would rather be running with his cousin than standing still for 5 minutes. This year, i am sewing with ease,so all the 'combos' turnout quite neat compared to last year.

finally, all together!!
ohh..and my mom sew the tudung for me.
terima kasih mak.

and, this is the jubah i made :D - no pattern, just something i work from my wardrobe.

bust detail
cuffs and pockets - i actually studied
my husband shirt to figure how to make cuffs
 - first timer luck

the actual garment

overal cost

Black Suiting Fabric for pants 3m + Grey Cotton Fabric 8m = RM60 (on sale at Kamdar)
Tailor cost - with love..hehe

I must say that i am a Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners and Visual Spatial Learner ..i never had formal sewing courses before, and i sew out of passion for sewing. But ,a formal class would be great and i want to attend some soon.

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