Monday, 2 April 2012

Where got time?


Everybody has 24h a day, same amount of days and weeks .. and i got no time to sew! (aik ada masa plak nk update blog?, well i try to)

I know, its all about time management and i failed to manage my time. Adam's been on 'rombakan jadual waktu'.. he refused to nap and doze off by Maghrib and fully re-charge by 12am or so and up until 2-3am and wanted me to play with him like its daylight.. i'm beat and tired and of my sewing schedule. i get frustrated easily, Ya Allah, give me strength to get me on the right track.

I want to share this to you, Masya Allah, help comes in many's an article that i find very helpful and hope to be useful to you  :)

12 Tips: How to Work from Home and Run a Family Productively 


  1. kakak ipar saya hebak!

  2. sape pulak ni?
    Nway, segala puji bg Allah.. akak ni serba kekurangan :)

  3. memang betullah kalau ikutkan nak 100 hours a day kut.. boleh menjahit, boleh tido boleh exercise, boleh macam2 lg lah... hehhee... dlm mimpi je lah. yg penting appreciate every minutes that we have, no regret kan

    1. betul betul betul
      hopefully ape yg i buat ni, akan bermanfaat untuk semua esp my family :)

      sy insan serba kekurangan yg jeles tgk org pandai manage masa n somehow manage to finish queen size Quilt... eiii geramnya!!!



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