Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY - Skirt

PUL + very strechy COTTON KNIT = Nightmare!

Last few nights, i've been slaving myself to sew a few pads, tried a few method but none i satisfy with.. oh, feel like stangling myself.. feeling tired, mentally abused .. i just left them a sew a skirt for my sister in law.. she wants it before friday, might as well sew them to get my mind of the disastrous project, sigh!!!

ok these are the final look, the black shirt are not part of it. Look and embellishment are my sister's

i'm all forgot to take pictures in the making, again... sigh.. but below are the sketch i did for it.. for newbie, can use this as guidline ye..  ikut suke nk macam mana.. sky is the limit..

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