Monday, 26 March 2012

Machine behind the job

I started sewing when i was very young, when i was 10 or 11 and my first project was a doll dress for a friend. Later, all was forgotten until my mom gave me a hand down sewing machine, Singer 9210. The machine was broken and was left untouched for a year. Until in 2010, i decided to send it for a repair.

The technician told me that some parts were broken due to age, mind you its almost 20 years old. After some abracadabra, walaaaa.. the machine works like new and the technician said that it should last at least 8 years with continue sewing and servis.  Its old, heavy with solid body that weight more 10kg, nothing if compare with the new portable machine. Yup, it works great! With no manual,  i experienced a series of self learning the hard way.. cost me a few repair along the way.. 

It has 8 decorative stitch which i hardly use, a very loose stitch width dial that has to be 'sendal' with a piece of fold paper which is always missing bcoz my son loves to godeh2

Months later, my mom gave me a serger Singer 14u12a, original Japan and very heavy, also a hand down and  not in working order. hahaha.. it seems like my mom likes to give me broken machines.. hehe.. FYI, she used to be a seamstress. And again the serger is in need of a good repair and missing some part. But after the service and change of the blunt blade, it runs beautifully. It also missing the plastic part that cover the needle and to hold the fabric, but cant find any replacement, well i can live with that. It also missing the steel thread holder, so i just bought the portable 3 thread holder, problem solved. It has no numbering dial like the new serger and the dial is pretty loose so it takes patient and lots of trying n fabric remnants just to have the perfect serging edge.

See, some missing part. An old n heavy machine too, if i ever decide to  bought new serger, this one can bring good money in timbang kati.. hehehe

I told you i learn the hard way... the machines were basicly free, so i cant complain la.... do i want to add another member? huhu.. have to wait ye...


  1. Its good that they are all for free right, but need to add some repair cost.. I am waiting for the "welcoming" post of ur new ehem ehem hahhaa

  2. Hahahaha... K Mila, saya budak baru belajar... actually the ehem2 already here.. will update soon... x sabar..

  3. It is great!!! good that you are able to re use rather than buying new ones.. I have a 44 year old sewing machine from my mom, not working but I haven't repaired it yet.. You are inspiring me to send the old machine for repair...

    1. Anic, glad you come to visit here... :)

      well, old machine can be a surprise, you might hate it or love it.. in my case, i love them both. old machine do have guts, sturdy and very reliable. if ur machine is the black head machine, then do get a good repair, if in good condition they are better than today portable. If it the mesin kayuh, can convert to portable for easy storage, its really worth it!

    2. It is black head machine. I have a feeling that they could sew straight stitch as straight stitch.. :) Thanks Yuzlin for the suggestion.



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